Guest visiting Mellangården

We hope you will have a great time and great memories from your stay in Bullerbyn. Please read below information carefully before arriving.

Find Bullerbyn

Bullerbyn (Sevedstorp) is located 15 min southwest of Vimmerby. Bullerbyn on Google Maps


To Mellangården belongs one free parking spot. Sign “PRIVATE MELLANGÅRDEN”. Follow directions on Google Maps or see below images to find. If you come with more than one car, please use the official Bullerbyn parking. Its not allowed to park in front of the house. 

Check in

You are free to check in by yourself any time after 15:00 arrival day. 


Key to the house is found in a lock box by the main door. Open box by a 4-digit pin code which you will receive.


  • No smoking, no grilling, no fire

  • No guests unless pre-approved by house owner. No parties

  • No animals


  • Do rough cleaning of the house

  • Do the dishes

  • Take out trash
    Food trash in container no1
    Recycle trash in container no2

Check out

Please check out before 10:30 departure day. Please keep check out time not to delay cleaning service.

Contact house owners

Anton Lundberg, +46739465969 (Swedish, English)

Magdalena Lundberg, +46706493719 (Swedish, English, Polish)